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Dear partners and future clients!

VTLogistic Commercial and Trade Limited Company was established in July 2004 with the name Vestito Trade Limited Company. The original textile â013clothing commercial business activity was enlarged in a short period of time by transporting logistical  services. Our company was increased dinamically in two years. As a result of this activity we were having a wide range of partnership network in many continents by the end of  2006.

 In July 2006 the name of our company was changed as VT Logistic Kft. ( Limited Company) due to the effort of a young team and the excellent experience of co-workers. Since that our development is still unbreakable. At present time besides commercial activity we have full logistical services as well, for the benefit of our clients. Our main services are planned and fulfilled on air ,train, road and  water.   Our team organizes and observes the routes of each goods transport  from the factory gates, airports and shipyards to the terminals of receiving firms

Most of our partners are situated in Asian countries but we are having perfect relations with Former Soviet Union`s countries as well , mainly with Russian and Ukranian companies. We also have contact with European Transporting and Trading Societies. Our vehicles are transporting goods from ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Rotterdam to France, Italy, Romania, Poland or  Hungary in a daily basis.

 Our company owns 15 DAF and SCANIA  lorries with special towing facilities, but through our sub-partners  ( mainly Polish companies) more than 100 vehicles are available in the same time. Most of our vehicles are having a tarpaulin the rest is suitable for container transporting. Our warehouses are offering the great selection of services for keeping and distributing goods which can be enlarged according to your needs

Our trucks are under 24 hour control due to GPS system, that is why we are able to give updated information on each of our vehicle` current location  till the final destination. Highly educated multilingual employees of our company perfectly accommodate to the highest demands of our clients. Our experts are having great experience in transport organizing and carrying out, they have outstanding up to date knowledge in customs and insurance matters, too.    

We hope , that You will be one of our future Partner according to our short introduction and recognized activity. If your trust finds ground in our business activity You will be personally convinced and appreciated of our outstanding services.




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